How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy and haven’t told your parents yet, you’re probably feeling a lot of emotions right now—anxious about the future, scared about what your parents will think, worried about how they’ll react. This is all understandable.

However, stopping to take a deep breath can help you think more clearly right now. Once you tell your parents, the stress you’re feeling will subside, and you’ll have the clarity you need to move forward.

This article will highlight strategies you can take to make telling your parents easier. However, if you’re looking for a safe space to talk about your pregnancy and explore your options, contact Relevant Options today. All appointments and services are free and confidential.

Prepare What You Want to Say

Considering what you want to say to your parents can help you feel more in control of the situation, which can, in turn, ease your anxiety.

The following questions can help you think through what you want to say:

  • How do you want to tell them? For example, do you want to reveal the news right away? Or do you want to provide context first?
  • Do you know what option you’re considering? If so, do you want to talk about it after giving the news?
  • Do you have an answer if they ask what you’re thinking about doing next? Or are you seeking their guidance?
  • If your parents don’t react the way you hope, how will you respond?

Decide Where to Tell Them

Are you worried about your safety when you tell your parents the news? If so, telling your parents in a public place is critical. You may also want to bring along a trusted friend or relative for support.

If you aren’t worried about your safety, then deciding where you feel most comfortable can be another way to help you feel more in control of the situation. For example, would telling them at home or in private make you feel most relaxed? Or would you rather be in public around other people?

Plan the Time

Oftentimes, someone’s response to difficult news can have a lot to do with timing. For example, if you tell your parents the news in the middle of a busy work week, their response might feel more rushed than if you tell them during a relaxing weekend.

You’re Not Alone

What you’re facing can feel impossible, but you’re not alone in this. At Relevant Options, we’re here for you.

Whether you want a non-judgmental space to talk about your pregnancy before meeting with your parents or you want to learn more about free support services that are here to help, contact us today.

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